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SKOK Communications, LLC was established 1990 in New York by its founder and current president Przemyslaw Skok. In 1992, the agency opened an office in Bayside, New York and soon became known as an all-service provider for everybody.

First, those services included only advertisements and commercials for NEWSPAPERS, RADIO and TV. Then we expanded it to GRASS ROOTS, EVENTS, DIRECT MAIL, PUBLIC RELATIONS and other types of marketing tools. In 1997 the idea of creating a database of Polish Americans in the US initiated our next project: Polish Yellow Pages. Since then our phone book became the biggest Polish ethnic publication in the world and as of now includes over 0.5 million entries and over 1 million users!

Our office is equipped with the state of the art graphic computer systems to provide top quality design and imagery for all of our client's needs: from the most basic black & white newspaper ads to extensive multicolor brochures utilizing photography and custom illustrations, TV & radio commercials, animation, banners, direct mail, e-business, iPhone & Android apps etc!

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